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Aperture Card Scanning September 22nd, 2011

Dan Gandul

Aperture cards (ACs) are the old-fashioned PC cards of ancient times. The only noticeable difference is that they have a cut-out rectangle containing a 35mm drawing or several 16mm documents. Many engineering firms still use ACs on an every day basis. ACs usually contain blueprints, drawings, maps, schematics, or deed records. Some ACs may have a drawing number, address, or other data typed or handwritten on the top of the card. Small punch holes (Hollerith code) may also be present.

aperture card scanning

Aperture scanning is the process of converting that old analog media to digital image. In other words, instead of hunting for a particular AC and using a microfilm viewer or reader printer, you can simply bring the image up on your computer screen. You can e-mail it, print it, share it, make copies, and enhance the image.

Aperture card scanning enables the images to be indexed and a database or spreadsheet to be created from the data contained on the headers or Hollerith code.

Black & white (actually called bi-tonal) or greyscale images can be produced. Most clients choose a PDF format, but TIFF and JPEG are also viable options for aperture card scanning.

Generation Imaging’s employees have experience with hundreds of aperture card scanning jobs over the years.  There is no need for you to learn aperture card scanning from scratch; let the paperless experts take care of it for you. You know it’s time for your organization to become more efficient and go digital. So please contact Generation Imaging today for your aperture card scanning price quote.

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Convert aperture cards to digital images July 20th, 2009

Dan Gandul

This digital imaging company  are experts in scanning aperture and reading Hollerith code. Aperture card scanning is useful for organizations that no longer want to spend the time and labor to search through thousands of apertures. Digitizing aperture cards enables fast retrieval and is more cost effective in the long run. Contact this digital imaging company for an aperture card price quote today.

This digital imaging company will be pleased to serve you in your next aperture card project.

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